enterprises and world leading AR/VR STARTUPS

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are growing massively
and are starting to disrupt many industries.

We see venture capitalists and big tech companies invest heavily
in the AR/VR ecosystem. Enterprises also feel the need, but often
don’t know how to start or keep up with the latest developments.

The White is the first conference that focuses exclusively
on enterprises that want to be in the forefront of the development
but don’t have the technology, resources or time to find necessary
talent and service providers. The White gathers the best
startups and talent in AR/VR and matches them with the needs of the


Our goal is to initiate and facilitate the collaboration of
enterprises and AR/VR startups to deliver powerful solutions
for actual challenges that the enterprises face.

Why participate

Startups deliver concrete
solutions for Enterprises

The White conference is designed to deliver quick and tangible results for enterprises. This means delivering concrete products that solve problems and not tolerating presentations as the sole outcome.

Value for enterprises How to participate

Enterprises are committed
to work with top startups

Startups need conferences which work for them. That’s why The White Conference has changed the setup. Enterprises are committed to hand out up to $ 250,000 for rapid prototyping to solve their problems with AR/VR.

Value for Startups How to participate

Building the best experience with our supporters

We are organizing this 2 day conference with the best players in AR/VR industry e.g. Upload Collective, Slush PLAY, Junction... Oh, and did we mention Unity, Oculus, Vive, Samsung, Microsoft and Innogy.

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