Life is now

We are a group of experimental people forming a camp in Burning Man and building art and an eye opening experiences around it.

We often end up to situations in our everyday life where people hide their motivations and unsecurity or doubt. WhyNaut camp's mission is to help exploring one's emotions, feelings and true motivations in life by providing a warm-hearted "home camp" surroundings and posibility to have unexpexted conversation with inspiring people who are openly showing what they think and feel.

By being present and truly honest with us, without any boundaries we hope to ignite everyones soul and create a totally new perpectives about life. That is the soul-searching and the question "why" that we want to ignite in people who otherwise do not have time to stop for a while and look around what life is all about. That is our WhyNaut camp.

We are also creating music and art because evetyone of us knows how art live music creates a magical athmosphere and gets under our skin.

Insired by Vanessa

The beating hearts of our camp that are making this happen

World Lover
- Bethany

"When there is something to fix the cure is always love"

The Solver
- Juhana

"You have an idea? Well I know how to make it work"

Dancing Queen
- Hanna

"Dance the night away"

- Andrew

"If there is something more to learn from this life, I'm up for it"

Man Of Action
- Nikolaus

"The best joke in the world is when you tell all your plans to God... So don't stress about it too much, just do anf let the life take you to beautiful places"

- Riko

"Life is a journey, there is a begging and the end but all the things in between are up to you... so smile to it and it will smile back to you" My idol is Nuuskamuikkunen

Any question?

We are always happy to talk about our mission and camp :)